Making a list of countries I have lived in or travelled to. Will be fun to read years later

1. Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns)

2. Brazil (São Paulo)

3. China (Suzhou, Shanghai)

4. Denmark (Aalborg, Copenhagen, Bornholm, Samsoe)

5. Egypt (Aaswan, Luxor, Cairo)

6. Belgium (Brussels)

7. Greece (Athens, Delphi, Hydra)

8. France (Versailles, Paris, Sorbonne)

9. Hungary (Budapest)

10. Hong Kong

11. Iceland (Rejkyavik)

12. Japan (Tokyo)

13. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

14. Germany (Berlin, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Munich)

15. South Africa (Johannesburg)

16. Singapore

17. Czech Republic (Prague)

18. Estonia (Talinn)

19. United Kingdom (London, Manchester)

20. United States (California, Boston)

21. Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife)

22. Italy (Rome, Pisa, Milan, Venice)

24. Sweden

25. India

26. Norway (Oslo, Bergen)

27. United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

28. Monaco

Will come back to update this list – that’s a promise to self. Thank you, Ooperwallah…



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It has been such a long time since I posted anything here. Self-chiding, imagined rewards, thoughts dying to be penned- nothing made me move that behind and do what was needed.

Until now.

Why now? I ask myself. Wish I knew. Must have been one of those overwhelming moments when one has so much to say, but cannot get the words right. But once they tumble out, there is no stopping them.

Lets see how long the enthu lasts. For now content with having started.


More later.

After reading the news from Norway, hearing first-hand accounts from friends and family – I am convinced some people have no business becoming parents.

Somehow, society would have forced this idea of family and children on them – and being too stupid or timid to question this tutoring, they would have played along. Only to take out the frustrations of their unfulfiled love and dreams on those tiny tots.

What a shame.

The not-so-funny part is – India is a country where society tacitly condones any kind of violenece against anybody. especially if the victim is helpless and defenceless. In marital disputes, if a wife gets beaten up by her family, she probably deserved it. Parents have the license to discipline their children by any means they want – after all who wishes the kids welfare the most?

If countries like India need to reflect on how society’s collective behavior affects individual families, countries in the Western Europe too have to ask if punishing erring parents for physically abusing their children is enough to ensure good parenting.

What about parents that behave irresponsibly towards their children (smoking, drinking, binging on unhealthy food when pregnant or breastfeeding etc). What about the high divorce rates resulting in broken homes and confused, angry children? Do they have no responsibility against this kind of bad parenting? I guess the foster homes will burst at the seams if they start taking away children on these pretexts. The Western high moral ground looks ludicruous and pretentious in this context.

If we are serious about creating a better, beautiful world for the children of tommorrow, we need to get a more holistic perspective on what scars childrens psyche. Physical abuse can never be condoned but emotional trauma should not be overlooked either. Else we are only looking at half-baked solutions.

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Smartest kid on the block

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I will have a stomach-ache if I did not write about my little one´s (just above 2 years) sharpness. Time and again, he proves himself a notch above the rest and does his mommy so proud. One needs to have a child oneself to understand their stages of intelligence.

My husband had left the laptop charger in another room, and with no power, I said he cannot see his favorite “Cars” movie. Then he took me to the other room and pointed where the charger was!

One more was yesterday when he threw a tantrum over my going to sleep while he wanted to hang around and watch more TV in the living room. At first, he went ahead and sat in the living room without me. Seeing that I was not joining him in a few minutes, he walked to the bedroom with that killer smile of his, lay down next to me, hugged and petted – and said “mommy, get up”. ROTFL!! I had the time of my life..
Thank you darling, my greatest this space years from now and know what I wanted to tell you when you were this old…


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Is it necessary to have high percentage of poverty in a country for its people to remain ambitious and competitive? Case in point: welfare societies where the State provides for the needy. Everyone is almost equal here: you have the well-off, the rich and the super rich. The super rich and rich class innovate (and remain so for generations, as a result), while the well-off get taken care of by doing their jobs well- or even getting by so-so. Whereas in developing countries – there is the super rich, the middle class and the super poor and here, people think of every innovative method to save a penny or make one.

One would argue that if basic needs are not a struggle, the mind is open to think innovatively. On the other hand, does this providing take away the appetite to compete for meagre resources? Which is better to ensure better evolution of human race for adapting to adversities: letting the mind expand in a secure atmosphere or keeping competition for survival fierce?

The flaw with first argument is – it presumes (in good faith) that human mind is always put to constructive work if struggle for existence is minimal. In reality – especially in welfare economies, unless people´s abilities are groomed and channelled towards innovation as a conscious effort, this could not be the case. Does this automatically mean creating a needy society that uses its time contriving methods just for basic survival? NOO!!!! This would create more competitive, meaner individuals – but a broken, disunited, selfish society with weaker morals: hardly an example of how we want mankind to evolve.

Don´t pinch…I want to dream on..

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Life is so beautiful these days. Everything I wanted – just the way I wanted it.
Experience warns me to be wary of a storm before such a cool breeze..okay snowy breeze..but still.

I will deal with it when it hits me. Till then, let me enjoy the moments. Travel, love, work and more travel…all in the right order.

Thank you God.

Grace Kelly

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Was watching some dumb comedy serial when the guy introduces a frumpy dame (the key character I guess) as “Ms. Grace Kelly”. Flipped to TCM and found the “Philadelhpia Story” playing in it..wait a minute..I have seen this movie in a color adaptation starring Grace Kelly. That’s it- the movie was “High Society” starring Kelly, Sinatra etc. remade on the old one.
What’s up Grace? Could’nt help feeling a pang when I saw your footprints on my trip to Monaco. Have always wondered – how could a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman like you could settle for that golden cage? Sure you married Rienier and became queen of a beautiful south France island – but is there all to life? I guess you must have choked to death with all the restrictions on meeting, talking to people…was it all worth it?
Rest in peace. An owner of such serene, yet stunning beauty in person and spirit – you deserved the very best – with no strings attached. Love you always.


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Why do we feel that gloating happiness when we see someone get a parking ticket? Or when we see someone getting caught for travelling without a ticket? Or when we see someone hauled up by stores security because they “forgot to pay” for the stuff that landed into their pockets? Or someone being told off for breaking a queue?

Is it because we feel they broke a law and deserved to get caught? Or is it an innate human desire to see someone suffer if they don’t play by the rules we follow?

Love, Stocks and Mauka

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When I made a 300% profit on Suzlon and Idea Cellular, my DH smiled and said “beginner’s luck :)”
Not much of a stock buff, I tested the waters again with Vijaylaxmie and DishTV, 3 years later. Not the same remarkable success but I made around 30% margins, unlike heavy investments and corresponding loss/gains by the gujju better half..
It’s simple my dear. I know my strengths (or lack of) and I only gamble on what I can afford to lose. Some things are just not worth the sacrifice they demand and it’s important to know where to draw the line..

Jan Lokpal Bill

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Politics

There are many like these who doubt and question the method of making the Lokpal Bill the main issue it is today. There are many more that are wary of the unprecedented powers the proposed bill might give a few – and invent yet more serious problems in the long run .

It is indeed scary to envision a situation where we, the people, have been taken for yet another ride and like every other time, played useful idiots in the hands of idealistic, initially well-meaning crusaders with an agenda of their own once power changes hands.

At this point, I fully support this movement. I wish it does not turn out to be another jingoistic movement with the masses supporting something they don’t understand fully. I wish the fervor of the movement will be sustained through genuine involvement of the people rather than media sound bytes and politician-baiting by committee members. I hope the bill will be drafted with as much involvement from the civilians – whose fate the purpoted bill claims to save. I hope the purview of this bill will focus on and effectively root out corruption. Bringing about electoral reforms can only be the next stage. I hope that with time, the Lokpal and the Lok Ayukt will come to mean you and me using common sense to judge right and wrong- not some august body of people from the netherworld with absolute powers.

But then, on hopes rests our collective future. Till then, let’s chant…”Aal is well..”