Posted: September 8, 2007 in Art

Twelve Angry Men is one of my all time favorites I would recommend watching at least once. The movie made in 1957 with Henry Fonda in the lead is a compelling drama of one man convincing his fellow jurymen to stretch their limits of imagination from the surface facts, hearsay and personal prejudices, appealing to the rational and emotional facets of their personalities. One has to watch the movie to appreciate it in full, and no amount of reviews can do it enough justice.

I was very disappointed to watch its 1986 re-make, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla in Hindi, directed by none other than Hindi film industry doyen, Basu Chatterjee – not just because it lacked the grip and filmography of the original despite the line for line copy of the script, dialogs and their delivery; my gripe is that nowhere in the movie had the great director acknowledged the source of his work. Disappointing for such a highly acclaimed creative mind in the industry.

Nevertheless, I still love the Byomekesh Bakshi (an Indianised married Sherlock Holmes) TV series directed by him, which as a kid in seventh grade I never missed even for a week (more so because I had a crush on Rajit Kapoor, than it being a mystery serial..:)). How many times had I hoped my mom will hire him to find out who emptied the cookie jars when she was asleep and that smile he would give when he found out who did..****wide wide grin****


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