Haal chaal

Posted: September 21, 2007 in Random

Been a fun week all along. Switzerland, Brussels (this one was official) and now back to work. Lucky my colleagues are either too tired or have taken long weekends. Just managed to look busy and open the right window as the last one said bye.

Loooove my buddies for giving me the Leadership nomination (I got all of them..lol…). Though I (and everyone else) knew that I earned it, it was a thrill nevertheless. The funny thing is that the progression had grown from 0 to 2 and now 4 at the year-end. My reactions changed from being mad to apprehensive to indifferent. Got it without chasing it. Thats the coolest thing to happen.

I can see that from bring a repository of all my deep thoughts (puke) my blogspace is turning out to be more of a journal entry. So be it.


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