Minority Report

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Art

After Blue Umbrella, this is one movie I was thinking about while going to sleep.

Two reasons I never got close to watching this movie so far: (a)some of my very “intelligent” friends had panned the movie when it was released and I was too lazy then to check it out myself (b) after watching War of the Worlds, the equation for me was Spielberg + Tom Cruise + Science Fiction = Unmitigated disaster + bottleful of Asprin. Like The Ring, The Others and The Village, this film has a dark haunting quality with stunning visuals (virtual image construction from the pre-cogs minds and Cruise’s cruise on the highway just to name two) and moments (the scene where Cruise realises much too late that the shady doctor he had trusted was an old enemy was chilling).

Can’t wait for the Golden Compass to release..and I know what my daemon would be..:))

Watching the preview, one can’t help wonder what kind of an idiot would have let go of Nicole Kidman.


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