Me, myself and Musharraf – and other ramblings

Posted: November 16, 2007 in Random

Looks like I am not the only one with MPD. Joining in my august ranks is President Musharraf who just replaced General Musharraf as the leader of Pakistan.

Meantime, had one more fit after seeing Matt Damon as the sexiest man alive- overtaking George Clooney!!! Yeah and pigs could fly.

Met the Yale Professor whose motivation theories every MBA worth his(her) salt crams to impress – Victor Vroom – yeah the VIE theory dude. Knows his stuff and knows well enought to show it off. These guys live from marketing their names as brands. En salute’

Got gifted a book called “Elements of Style” from a well-wisher and a very senior colleague – he says I write loooong sentences and need to follow these rules..And I had the cheek to correct one of sentences and point him to the same book..chuckle..:)).

Have gotten into two different battles as of now – one fiscal and one related to fundamental preveliges. Chances are slim in both but I will be damned if I give up without trying.


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