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Let down

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Random

Jeez whats wrong with the American people? The guys in the store did not know Marlon Brando when I asked for his movie packs.I had to tell them that he is the “Godfather” and then realization stuck. The bozo then got me Godfather’s DVD. I had to patiently explain to him that I wanted the actor’s other movies. Not this one – I had seen all the sequels. Felt sorry for him though.

I hope the sample I saw is not representative of the U.S. With the guy sitting in the White House, I will not be surprised though.


Wishful Thinking

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Random

If I had the money and the talent, I would go to Hollywood and make movies on these 2 people:

Charlotte Perkins Gilman – a woman I so much identify and empathise with.A woman who had dared to flout the norms and did what she truly believed in. My movie-making will juxtapose her biography with her masterpiece, “The Yellow Wallpaper”.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky after I accidentally heard one of his symphonies the first time, (I am still hunting for the original track), there was no turning back. In Boston, his was among the classics I was hunting for and got one..yoohoooo!!!! I also greedily scooped up Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and one more omnibus – all of them collector’s items, dirt cheap compared to today’s trash.

Now I am listening to Swan Lake and choreographing a ballet in my mind. But I still love the Hindi oldies so much more. Understanding the meaning and context still helps enjoy music more, even when it is true that music has no language.


Posted: January 20, 2008 in Random

The prolonged absence from this space was not at all intentional. Quite the contrary- there have been so many times when I would die to log-in and something or the other would quash the intention, most of it being something to be done more immediately.

More to be added – in spurts, but will be there nevertheless..