Posted: February 22, 2008 in Random

Until I saw you
I wanted all that you wanted
After I saw you
you were all that I wanted

My unfulfilled dream
my sacred sin
my guilty pleasure
my doorway to Satan

I will live this lifetime
as if I had never known you
Treasure my memories in solitude –
for they are mine to keep
Laugh away my pain and tears –
in the solitude of inebriation
Gloss away your harsh words-
as passion of the moment you were powerless against;
Think of your hatred –
as your struggle against your longing;
Patiently watch you denying to yourself-
how much I am a part of you;
Bear with your shrugging off
our moments as just an experience
you could have bought for a few coins;
See you steal my lines-
and use it on another to con;
Forgive your childishness –
in flaunting my ardour as your conquest
Wrap my soul and gift it
for you to wear on your plume;
Be flogged at the gates of Hell
for infidelty in spirit

All I ask in return..

Is to be that song you lost on the road
and search after everyday;
Be your only poetry without words..
Your muse woman;
The one who stays –
after everyone came and went;
A constant presence in your life –
silently striding up to meet you
when you need that hand to hold;
The one face you see waking up
and going asleep;
The one bosom you will seek –
to rest your tired head against
on humbling defeats and dazzling victories;
The one mistake you will make again-
if you could undo it all;
The one straw you will clutch at-
when all amidst you goes aswirl;
The one soul you will be with, the day heaven meets earth
and you await your Judgement..


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