The Monroe Magic struck again

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Art

In my quest for cheap DVDs, I bought a 6-movie pack for 10 GBP on my trip to London. All of them Monroe movies, or so the cover said.

But the price was well worth it, as it included gems like The Seven Year Itch, Lets Make Love and How to marry a Millionaire.

The most recent watch was Lets Make Love. I am sure the “rich-man-fimds-love-in-poor-girl” movies like this were before and after this movie.

Crazy as I am about Jazz and dry humor, what made this movie unforgettable was Monroe’s routine “My Heart Belongs to Daddy”, the part where the billionaire heir observes how well he knows people’s psychophancy because of what he is, and everything he does to win the girl over.

A movie that left me thinking about it when I went to sleep.

…Baraa bara baraa ra daba deeba badee da..


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