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Posted: October 30, 2008 in Travel

A beautiful sunny mediterranean city that can get very hot (for the whities) in summer; a unique blend of Roman, Arabic, Christian influences and values reflected throughout the city’s museums and architecture; a city that produced the greatest explorers of the century, given hostile lands on one side and the sea to turn to, on the other – the two days were well spent exploring this amazing place.

The best was the Monument to the Discoveries – note the symbolism (at least that was how I saw it) – the explorer at the forefront, and the Church and the King supporting his quest. The same feeling came over looking at Vasco Da Gama’s tomb. Nothing has changed much. The thirsty innovator always on the look-out for something new continues to shape the world.

Oh yes, making friends with the the aquatic forms from all over the world’s oceans was not a bad deal either :))

These are from a museum exhibition I bumped into, when I went hunting for Gulbenkian (arguably one of the richest art collections by a single individual).

Can you beleive this huge fellow was staring and posing for the cameras? The small kids went absolutely wild.

The Praca De Commercios (around where I stayed..hehhe!).On the whole, my first lone journey was thoroughly a thrill.