French revolution in a democracy

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Gyaan

It comes as no surprise that despite issuing a lot of growls, the Indian government never intended to react in a serious way to Pak´s tact support to militant heads inside the state.

But what is even more shocking is a very many of us Indians still do not see the point that attacking Pakistan now is not a good move in both short, and long terms (not that New Delhi ever had the balls, even when in a higher power position – be it with China, or even Bangladesh and Nepal – but I dither).

For one, we play right into Pakistan´s hands of international impression management – there are not many Madeleine Albrights voicing out what Pakistan really stands for, internationally. At this point, like it or not (even as thousands die a year in terrorist attacks), we are not Israel that can missile-fire into Palestine and get away with it – atleast not as of today.

Second, if the current government even makes a semblence of any kind of aggression, it will be nothing more than an election gimmick for the upcoming polls. The media brain-washing is enough to portray these unplanned, inconsequential tactical-level attacks, as “at last action has been taken”. The rest will be forgotten in blissful euphoria until the next attacks happen.

Third, this will take the focus away from the long-term overhaul of not just security, but the character of the nation and things will get back to square one.

The question is not whether Pak had a hand in this or any terrorist attack in India – that is a rhetorical question. The question is, how much more the common man is ready to ignore and has learnt to accept. Poverty? We can live with it; No development? no problem!; Corruption? Bring it on. Petty divisionism? We have lived with it for centuries. But dying on the streets for no fault of mine? No sir! I draw the line there.

With great difficulty, there is a unanimous dissent on the state of affairs in the country giving a glimmer of hope for change. Assuming it is kept alive, this should hopefully make us the country it deserves to should be after 60 years of independence.

The energy spurting out now should be productively engaged in flushing out the enemies within – the bleeding hearts and vested interested be damned. In this information age, we the people can come together and atleast have a say in running the system.

In a warped sense, it took an incident (and many more) of this colossal scale to shake up a laid-back populace that was busy with in-fighting and more interested in the bollywood releases of the week.


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