Yes, it has been 8 months!

Posted: August 15, 2009 in Random

One can get busy..very busy.

The roller-coster ride of life has taken many sinewy turns, bringing the best of experiences to the fore…prime among them being my solo trip to Italy – my second solo after Lisbon. I went to Rome, Pisa and Venice – and what fun it was! I even made my own voice travelogue..learnt 5 sentences in Italian (not abuses)..hehheh..The trip is driving me to take up higher studies in western philosophy and arts. Lets see.

Other acheivement? Watched all episodes of sitcom Friends..:))..For sometime, I dreamt about them and they were my imagined family for weeks. One has to admit it was one helluva show.

Watched some of the best movies of all time- Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Manorama- 6 Feet Under, Welcome to Sajjanpur – and the latest – Dev D and Gulaal. Most of these movies have one or both things in common – Anurag Jain and Abhay Deol. Abhay Deol has emerged as one of the finest actors in bollywood, yet so much an under-recognised talent. Anurag jain – hmm, he can be tricky. From a “So whats your point, dude?” movie like No Smoking to Gulaal – a compelling story based in feudal Rajasthan where personal wars are fought with useful idiots changing the turn of events – a powerplay between the strong where the weak always die. Dev D – the modern adaptation of the whiney loser Devdas in Sarat C’s novel, shows a strong Paro and practical Chandramukhi – and this time Dev is willing to be rescued.

Looks like I will be shifting base again. Whereto? I wish I could decide..:))..Denmark has been beauuuuutiful the past 4 years. It was good while it lasted. Now its time to pack and go.

Signing off for now – until the next time I return to wallow in my memoirs.

Happy Independence Day!



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