Picasso of India- hahhhahha

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Art

So much breath is being wasted on this 94-year old painter with one leg dangling above his grave.

It is amusing to see how a country with so many pressing issues at hand has created a pseudo-intellectual class that can talk through its teeth without making any sense. Leading this pack is NDTV reporter/presenter Burkha Dutt posing these questions to audience- “Did we let M F Hussain down?”, “Are we so intolerant as a country that a great painter cannot express his artistic abilities..” etc etc. I could puke at the questions posed by college students – the youth of India which is increasingly turning into a mass BPO crowd in their intellect and critical thinking.

This old frog has been thriving on controversies to sell his paintings at the enormous prices he has been able to get – pandering to the western audiences and Arab sheikhs. Artistic liberty? The old fool copies the theme from “Rape of Europa” and paints the same idea using Mumbai terror attacks as an opportunity to collect more bucks (who has verified if the proceeds went to the victims? Thats our press).

As an artist that knows no boundaries to creativity, he was tight-lipped at the Danish cartoons- something no one bothered to report as they were busy giving lap dances to the “hurt” community in India. Interestingly his creative genius extends to only one community – and never to the other. Can he expect to live another day if he antagonised his new abode?

This dude is in it for the moolah – as 72 virgins cannot do it for him anymore. Creative genius my ass.


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