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Posted: October 25, 2010 in Gyaan

“I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty. I believe that the law was made for man and not man for the law; that government is the servant of the people and not their master. I believe in the Dignity of labour, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a liking but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living. I believe that thrift is essential to well ordered living and that economy is a prime requisite of a sound financial structure, whether in government, business or personal affairs. I believe that truth and justice are fundamental to an enduring social order. I believe in the sacredness of a promise, that a mans word should be as good as his bond; that character not wealth or power or position – is of supreme worth. I believe that the rendering of useful service is the common duty of mankind and that only in the purifying fire of sacrifice is the dross of selfishness consumed and the greatness of the human soul set free. I believe in an all-wise and all-loving God, named by whatever name, and that the individuals highest fulfilment, greatest happiness, and widest usefulness are to be found in living in harmony with His Will. I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.”

John D. Rockefeller Jr.


Battle “Roy”ale

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Politics

Ever since Booker Prize, nothing this senile old hag has said or done has ever made sense. Come to think of it, she is Baby Kochamma of her own life novel.

Her incessant anti-India rhetorics and campaigns against any development project get attention among poorly informed bourgeois societies and those cry their hearts out for Mohammad Afzal, condone Ajmal Kasab and call Maoists “Gandhians”.

Can the Indian Government not sue her/strip her of citizenship/put her behind bars for her secessionist actions? What is the limit of freedom of speech?

Support for Kashmiri separatism
In October 2010, at a seminar in Delhi named “Azadi – The only way”, where Roy took part with Hurriyat Conference leader S.A.R. Geelani and Varavara Rao, Roy said that “Kashmir should get azadi from bhookhe-nange Hindustan”. Her remarks attracted criticism from BJP leader Arun Jaitley that she was promoting secession of the Union of India, and that the central government was not acting on the issue and prosecuting Roy and others.[21]

She should be exported to Shit-istan or China (where she will enjoy all the freedom of speech she wants), as she does not want Kashmiris to live in “bhookhe-nange Hindustan“.

God forbid that the likes of her be inspiration to the intellectual classes in the world. Looking at the international recognition and awards being awarded, that seems to be the case anyway.

Lage Raho

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Politics

The man himself is a hyped-up sham of true greatness. Many who came after his are making millions in his name while the country is paying a huge price for the personal war this fool fought in the name of freedom struggle.

I have always wondered why the “Apostle of Peace” supported Indian participation in WW2, even if it meant freedom for the country (another matter that the old cow was jailed despite Indian blood shed in the War).

Many of the allegations here against Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka Mahatma Gandhi can be cross-checked with other sites too.

Sad that the internet and Google took so long to happen. Sadder that the few examples of true leadership and highest of values from India should be these kind of men.

Kitchen Queen

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Cooking

I am not much of a cook, I admit. But I recently discovered and succeeded in making 4 of my favorite dishes (3 sweetmeats, 1 snack), in a homegrown, easy 100% success guarantee style. The recipe quantities given are for 2 people.

Samosa: Now what’s so unique about it? Well, I made the fat-free version in the oven.
Preparation Time: 1 hour.
Part 1: Masala (can be prepared to individual tastes, but this one tastes heavenly).
1. Potatoes (boiled & pealed): 6
2. Mint leaves : 8-10
3. Dhania seeds: 1 tsp
4. Aamchoor (dried mango powder): 1 tsp
5. Green Chillies chopped: 2
6. Green Peas: 50 gms
7. Chillie powder, Salt to taste
8. Curry leaves: 8-10

Mash boiled potatoes with all of the above and keep aside.

Part 2: Shell
1. Knead wheat flour (more wholesome than all-purpose flour) and flatten it to medium thin, round layer on a flat surface.
2. Make horizontal and vertical cuts on the layer, making quadrants. If the flour layer is large, you can make 8 cuts instead of 4.

Part 3: Cones
1. Make a palm-sized ball of the masala and cover it in the wheat flour shell to make pyramidical cones. You can make the edges wavy with a fork or by hand.
2. Smear the cones with minimal oil all over the surface.
3. Pre-heat oven to 250C for 15-20 mins.
4. Place the cones in a baking tray/dish (whose bottom should be oiled).
5. Carefully place the dish on the top-most shelf of the oven (grill tray), set temperature to 200C and leave for 20 mins.
6. Turn the samosas and bake for 10 more minutes.

The samosas are ready.

Sweetmeats soon to come.

The word is WordPress.

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Random

I came across this beautiful blogspace in WordPress that allowed more creativity and experimentation than blogger. Bam! I switched to WordPress.

Have to figure out how to transfer my old posts here. Typical of me – jumping head-on into things I barely understand only to drown or swim to the corner. Like everything else, this will work out too 🙂


Posted: October 15, 2010 in Baby

Kipling and Lincoln have written the perfect verses for me to share with my son.

I will underline it with one sentence of my own – “Inspire greatness in others with the magnitude of your thought, deeds and words.”

As one wiseman said,

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Gyaan

I’ll Forgive Them For Their Ignorance, But I won’t forget what they did or said. I’ll be nice and I won’t tell them “We told you so but you wouldn’t listen.”

Indian Express – 2

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Politics

There is a shift from the non-partisan reporting IE used to do. IE is increasingly becoming a Congress PR agency. Who the hell cares (except Congress minions) what that assface thinks.

A few months back, IE published a photo-story comparison of Priyanka Gandhi resembling Indira Gandhi in some green cotton saree. There were some 8 photos in which IE compared hairstyle, attire, whatever to come out with that bullshit story. This only indicates 2 things – dearth of intellectual content with IE or wagging its tail to some dynasty rule.

It happens only in India

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Politics

I see messages, mail forwards, news items hailing how we have bounced back and are presenting a spectacular show at the CWG. But wait a minute, was that not something expected of the country hosting the Games in the first place?

Oh no, not at all. All the Indian public memory and attention span deserves is sensational news- – good or bad, lasting no more than 5 days.

No big mention of the fact that Kalmadi is a Congressman – a party that has institutionalised corruption in this country; of Shiela Dixit who might have very well known the scale of bungling in the games beginning with infrastructure to everything; of seeking answers from that inept, permission-seeking cat-voiced puppet Sardar at the country’s helm.

That Kalmadi buffoon doctors e-mails, disowns responsibility saying “Organising Committee is responsible for organizing….not arranging infrastructure, equipments procurement, tenders etc”. Then what the fuck are you organising man?

Some one said to my great amusement – “Re-arrange ‘Suresh Kalmadi’ – you get ‘Sir u made lakhs'”. He thought he will get away with it – but he had not counted on the eventuality of everything blowing up together and his having to resort to the “I am taking the blame for everything” whine.

Now everyone will scramble to get a piece of the success the Games could become and the idiot jingoists will say “sab theek to ho gaya na, lets move on”.

Indeed. Let’s move on.


Posted: October 4, 2010 in Gyaan

Vision paves way to goals. Goals pursued with passion yield results.
It is not the acheivement that makes one great but the decision to take that journey with relentless perseverance.