It happens only in India

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Politics

I see messages, mail forwards, news items hailing how we have bounced back and are presenting a spectacular show at the CWG. But wait a minute, was that not something expected of the country hosting the Games in the first place?

Oh no, not at all. All the Indian public memory and attention span deserves is sensational news- – good or bad, lasting no more than 5 days.

No big mention of the fact that Kalmadi is a Congressman – a party that has institutionalised corruption in this country; of Shiela Dixit who might have very well known the scale of bungling in the games beginning with infrastructure to everything; of seeking answers from that inept, permission-seeking cat-voiced puppet Sardar at the country’s helm.

That Kalmadi buffoon doctors e-mails, disowns responsibility saying “Organising Committee is responsible for organizing….not arranging infrastructure, equipments procurement, tenders etc”. Then what the fuck are you organising man?

Some one said to my great amusement – “Re-arrange ‘Suresh Kalmadi’ – you get ‘Sir u made lakhs'”. He thought he will get away with it – but he had not counted on the eventuality of everything blowing up together and his having to resort to the “I am taking the blame for everything” whine.

Now everyone will scramble to get a piece of the success the Games could become and the idiot jingoists will say “sab theek to ho gaya na, lets move on”.

Indeed. Let’s move on.


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