The new Sun over the Pyramids

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Politics

As I see the Tahrir Square telecasts from Cairo, the country I visited 2 years ago flashes across memory. The cautious cab drivers when it came to questions about Hosni Mubarak, the ignored questions from our local guides, the parallel economy under the veneer of tourism – and the very efficient airport security police.

It could have very well turned into another Tiananmen Square protests with the dictator crushing the rebellion like the Party did in China. The difference has to be more staying power, better leadership, unity among the Egyptian people (army)- not to mention the omnipresent media contributing to the moral strength of the rebels giving minute-level updates on what was going on.

Removal of dictatorship replaced by democracy – or take-over by radical groups sabotaging the idea of freedom? Only Time can tell.


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