Marriage on the Clouds

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Random

Ever thought why the “rent rather than hire” principle should not aply to marriages? Oh no, don’t get me wrong -I am in a very happy marriage, thank you.

With all the hype surrounding Cloud Computing, one cannot resist getting creative. Looking at how computers have pervaded our homes from workplaces, why should’nt concepts such as these follow?

Here are the advantages of offering Marriage as A Service:
1. You don’t see your spouse all the time, yet he/she will be available on-demand and meet your expectations on need basis.
2. You do not have to waste precious time configuring the right combination of spouse from the options available- a marriage consulting company will offer you that in their Cloud.
3. You do not have to adjust your routines to fit the “other half” – since physical installation is not neccessary.
4. You do not have to bother with learning the inner workings (feelings, personality etc) of the spouse or shower them with gifts- very utilitarian indeed.
5. You can scale-up (children, more time etc) or down based on your priorities.
6. Last but not the least, it is Green – no honeymoon trips, family vacations, fancy cars or household equipments. Means lesser emissions and carbon footprints.

For those that still have not caught on to the sarcasm- maybe they SHOULD go for this option.


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