Jan Lokpal Bill

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Politics

There are many like these who doubt and question the method of making the Lokpal Bill the main issue it is today. There are many more that are wary of the unprecedented powers the proposed bill might give a few – and invent yet more serious problems in the long run .

It is indeed scary to envision a situation where we, the people, have been taken for yet another ride and like every other time, played useful idiots in the hands of idealistic, initially well-meaning crusaders with an agenda of their own once power changes hands.

At this point, I fully support this movement. I wish it does not turn out to be another jingoistic movement with the masses supporting something they don’t understand fully. I wish the fervor of the movement will be sustained through genuine involvement of the people rather than media sound bytes and politician-baiting by committee members. I hope the bill will be drafted with as much involvement from the civilians – whose fate the purpoted bill claims to save. I hope the purview of this bill will focus on and effectively root out corruption. Bringing about electoral reforms can only be the next stage. I hope that with time, the Lokpal and the Lok Ayukt will come to mean you and me using common sense to judge right and wrong- not some august body of people from the netherworld with absolute powers.

But then, on hopes rests our collective future. Till then, let’s chant…”Aal is well..”


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