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Grace Kelly

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Random

Was watching some dumb comedy serial when the guy introduces a frumpy dame (the key character I guess) as “Ms. Grace Kelly”. Flipped to TCM and found the “Philadelhpia Story” playing in it..wait a minute..I have seen this movie in a color adaptation starring Grace Kelly. That’s it- the movie was “High Society” starring Kelly, Sinatra etc. remade on the old one.
What’s up Grace? Could’nt help feeling a pang when I saw your footprints on my trip to Monaco. Have always wondered – how could a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman like you could settle for that golden cage? Sure you married Rienier and became queen of a beautiful south France island – but is there all to life? I guess you must have choked to death with all the restrictions on meeting, talking to people…was it all worth it?
Rest in peace. An owner of such serene, yet stunning beauty in person and spirit – you deserved the very best – with no strings attached. Love you always.