Posted: January 17, 2012 in Gyaan

Is it necessary to have high percentage of poverty in a country for its people to remain ambitious and competitive? Case in point: welfare societies where the State provides for the needy. Everyone is almost equal here: you have the well-off, the rich and the super rich. The super rich and rich class innovate (and remain so for generations, as a result), while the well-off get taken care of by doing their jobs well- or even getting by so-so. Whereas in developing countries – there is the super rich, the middle class and the super poor and here, people think of every innovative method to save a penny or make one.

One would argue that if basic needs are not a struggle, the mind is open to think innovatively. On the other hand, does this providing take away the appetite to compete for meagre resources? Which is better to ensure better evolution of human race for adapting to adversities: letting the mind expand in a secure atmosphere or keeping competition for survival fierce?

The flaw with first argument is – it presumes (in good faith) that human mind is always put to constructive work if struggle for existence is minimal. In reality – especially in welfare economies, unless people´s abilities are groomed and channelled towards innovation as a conscious effort, this could not be the case. Does this automatically mean creating a needy society that uses its time contriving methods just for basic survival? NOO!!!! This would create more competitive, meaner individuals – but a broken, disunited, selfish society with weaker morals: hardly an example of how we want mankind to evolve.


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