Smartest kid on the block

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Baby

I will have a stomach-ache if I did not write about my little one´s (just above 2 years) sharpness. Time and again, he proves himself a notch above the rest and does his mommy so proud. One needs to have a child oneself to understand their stages of intelligence.

My husband had left the laptop charger in another room, and with no power, I said he cannot see his favorite “Cars” movie. Then he took me to the other room and pointed where the charger was!

One more was yesterday when he threw a tantrum over my going to sleep while he wanted to hang around and watch more TV in the living room. At first, he went ahead and sat in the living room without me. Seeing that I was not joining him in a few minutes, he walked to the bedroom with that killer smile of his, lay down next to me, hugged and petted – and said “mommy, get up”. ROTFL!! I had the time of my life..
Thank you darling, my greatest this space years from now and know what I wanted to tell you when you were this old…


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