Abuse-free Childhood

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Childhood

After reading the news from Norway, hearing first-hand accounts from friends and family – I am convinced some people have no business becoming parents.

Somehow, society would have forced this idea of family and children on them – and being too stupid or timid to question this tutoring, they would have played along. Only to take out the frustrations of their unfulfiled love and dreams on those tiny tots.

What a shame.

The not-so-funny part is – India is a country where society tacitly condones any kind of violenece against anybody. especially if the victim is helpless and defenceless. In marital disputes, if a wife gets beaten up by her family, she probably deserved it. Parents have the license to discipline their children by any means they want – after all who wishes the kids welfare the most?

If countries like India need to reflect on how society’s collective behavior affects individual families, countries in the Western Europe too have to ask if punishing erring parents for physically abusing their children is enough to ensure good parenting.

What about parents that behave irresponsibly towards their children (smoking, drinking, binging on unhealthy food when pregnant or breastfeeding etc). What about the high divorce rates resulting in broken homes and confused, angry children? Do they have no responsibility against this kind of bad parenting? I guess the foster homes will burst at the seams if they start taking away children on these pretexts. The Western high moral ground looks ludicruous and pretentious in this context.

If we are serious about creating a better, beautiful world for the children of tommorrow, we need to get a more holistic perspective on what scars childrens psyche. Physical abuse can never be condoned but emotional trauma should not be overlooked either. Else we are only looking at half-baked solutions.


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