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Smartest kid on the block

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Baby

I will have a stomach-ache if I did not write about my little oneĀ“s (just above 2 years) sharpness. Time and again, he proves himself a notch above the rest and does his mommy so proud. One needs to have a child oneself to understand their stages of intelligence.

My husband had left the laptop charger in another room, and with no power, I said he cannot see his favorite “Cars” movie. Then he took me to the other room and pointed where the charger was!

One more was yesterday when he threw a tantrum over my going to sleep while he wanted to hang around and watch more TV in the living room. At first, he went ahead and sat in the living room without me. Seeing that I was not joining him in a few minutes, he walked to the bedroom with that killer smile of his, lay down next to me, hugged and petted – and said “mommy, get up”. ROTFL!! I had the time of my life..
Thank you darling, my greatest this space years from now and know what I wanted to tell you when you were this old…



Posted: March 31, 2011 in Baby

Tiny and tottering you walk unto me,
One faltering step after another..
Your hands outstretched,
Your lips pouting,
Smiles and tears your only defence
(ah, those weapons that work to perfection!)

Go on, give me that illusion-
Of total power;
Don’t I know better –
Who has me wrapped
round that little finger?

“God, do You even exist?”
I had bellowed in times of trial
“Need I say more?”, He shot back smiling,
Sparkling in your kind eyes

I am your mother they say-
Nay, you are the reason I was born
Why else did I survive every wound
How else did I sustain every ordeal, pray?

How has this life gone by? I wonder
Without you beside for so long..
How will this life go on? I shudder
Once you fly away to your nest
Taking my heart along..

But that is in another life
I tell myself
Let me live just a bit now-
Let me jealously guard
Your first turn, your first crawl,
Those first steps, even that ghastly bawl..

Let me freeze
This moment forever
Your tiny arms
Wrapped around my neck
Kiss those sweet lips
That utter “mmaaaaa”
Do the merry-go-round
With you squealing in delight

Let me live
Like there is no tomorrow
Just like I pretend –
there was no yesterday
when you weren’t here
Let me never wake up
from this dream –
Cuddling my manna
to bosom for eternity..


Posted: October 15, 2010 in Baby

Kipling and Lincoln have written the perfect verses for me to share with my son.

I will underline it with one sentence of my own – “Inspire greatness in others with the magnitude of your thought, deeds and words.”

Tu mera Supermannn…

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Baby

What’s the link between my little prince and Superman (besides the fact that he IS mommy’s little knight)?
At the time of his birth, he had his umbilical cord cells donated for stem cell research – stem cell research was furthered by Christopher Reeves who was quadraplegised in an eqeusterian accident – and we all know Reeves played Superman…
Silly mom has already started bragging about her kid- who might be the only one who reads this space anyways lol..

Baby’s World

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Baby

I wish I could take a quiet corner in the heart of my baby’s very
own world.
I know it has stars that talk to him, and a sky that stoops
down to his face to amuse him with its silly clouds and rainbows.
Those who make believe to be dumb, and look as if they never
could move, come creeping to his window with their stories and with
trays crowded with bright toys.
I wish I could travel by the road that crosses baby’s mind,
and out beyond all bounds;
Where messengers run errands for no cause between the kingdoms
of kings of no history;
Where Reason makes kites of her laws and flies them, the Truth
sets Fact free from its fetters.

-Rabindranath Tagore