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Making a list of countries I have lived in or travelled to. Will be fun to read years later

1. Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns)

2. Brazil (São Paulo)

3. China (Suzhou, Shanghai)

4. Denmark (Aalborg, Copenhagen, Bornholm, Samsoe)

5. Egypt (Aaswan, Luxor, Cairo)

6. Belgium (Brussels)

7. Greece (Athens, Delphi, Hydra)

8. France (Versailles, Paris, Sorbonne)

9. Hungary (Budapest)

10. Hong Kong

11. Iceland (Rejkyavik)

12. Japan (Tokyo)

13. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

14. Germany (Berlin, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Munich)

15. South Africa (Johannesburg)

16. Singapore

17. Czech Republic (Prague)

18. Estonia (Talinn)

19. United Kingdom (London, Manchester)

20. United States (California, Boston)

21. Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife)

22. Italy (Rome, Pisa, Milan, Venice)

24. Sweden

25. India

26. Norway (Oslo, Bergen)

27. United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

28. Monaco

Will come back to update this list – that’s a promise to self. Thank you, Ooperwallah…



Someday, these lines will be mine…

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Dreams

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus
When he said the world was round
They all laughed when Edison recorded sound
They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother
When they said that man could fly

They told Marconi
Wireless was a phony
It’s the same old cry
They laughed at me wanting you
Said I was reaching for the moon
But oh, you came through
Now they’ll have to change their tune

They all said we never could be happy
They laughed at us and how!
But ho, ho, ho!
Who’s got the last laugh now?

They all laughed at Rockefeller Center
Now they’re fighting to get in
They all laughed at Whitney and his cotton gin
They all laughed at Fulton and his steamboat
Hershey and his chocolate bar

Ford and his Lizzie
Kept the laughers busy
That’s how people are
They laughed at me wanting you
Said it would be, “Hello, Goodbye.”
And oh, you came through
Now they’re eating humble pie

They all said we’d never get together
Darling, let’s take a bow
For ho, ho, ho!
Who’s got the last laugh?
Hee, hee, hee!
Let’s at the past laugh
Ha, ha, ha!
Who’s got the last laugh now?”

They All Laughed Lyrics
Artist(Band):Ella Fitzgerald

Birthday Checklist

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Dreams

Been a week since I was born and was pampered and cuddled by those that mattered most.

On the day of being born for the 30th time (the most important ones),
1. Met and married the man of my dreams…..Check
2. Visited more than 7 countries…Check
3. Learnt to converse in one foreign language…Check
4. Bought property…….Check
5. Moved on to the next big stage in personal life…..Check

More goals coming up for the years to come. I will not jinx it by writing them down here..:))