Posted: April 24, 2010 in Childhood

Some strange bird put this song’s tune (“Ninnu kori Varnam” from the movie Agni Natchattiram) into my mind I was humming away to glory the whole day.

As I Youtubed it and watched the video, could’nt help remember how I would run to the TV hall and be glued to Oliyum Oliyum when this song figured.

That was also a time when my Carnatic music training (which I had joined as a fashion statement to hang out among the happening chicks in our apartment complex, but my mom ensured I got my lessons solo, much to my disappointment – more on that later :))..) was full-on.

There are two geetams with different ragas starting with the words Ninnu kori. At school, when we had free periods, the substitute teacher sometimes chose to have talent shows if the students got too noisy or bored. Someone at random will be egged on to sing, dance or both. When I was asked, I said I will sing “Ninnu Kori Varnum” to be greeted by rounds of applause and thunderclaps. I began with the song with Mohana raagam much to the groans of my trapped classmates from class II, who had expected the Mani Ratnam movie song. I still finished my song and continued to the movie version with whatever lyrics I understood at that age.

Don’t know why I still find it as hilarious as I did then.


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